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Friday, January 1, 2010



It is now a new decade of 2010. We are all making New Year Resolutions and thinking of our dreams. Well my sweet hubby made one come true by having my art published. This new book represents a collection of some of my art over the past few years along with thoughts and poems. This was a dream of being published. May your dreams come true in 2010 and may you find your easel friendly.

Book can be purchased
contact artist direct

Texas, USA


Anonymous said...

Pat, this is so great... and I am so pleased for you... and your sweet hubby.... Ilove the frone cover.... congratulations... Dianne

Anonymous said...

Pat, this is the sweetest gift ever! I can't wait to buy one! You are blessed with an awesome husband, an awesome family and an awesome talent.

Thank you for always sharing with us. Susan Eaton

Leigh said...

Looks like a fantasy place I would hope to escape to with my 'love' one day!

Congratulations on the book Pat, am so very pleased for you - on so many levels. Your marriage relationship sets an admirable standard, that many would do well to emulate.

I know I was blessed, the day I made your acquaintence; you're as beautiful a person inside, as you are out...

May the coming new year bring you & yours the very best of everything this world can offer!

Debby said...

What a wonderful thing for your hubby to do!!! He's such a great guy. All the best to both of you in 2010. Hugs.