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Monday, October 29, 2007

Oil Painting Tyler Rose


Today was a successful painting day of the Tyler Rose. It was only fitting that I put my Grandmother's antique creamer with it. In this painting I used some of the new techniques for the cloth taught in a recent workshop. Directional painting of the cloth makes it seem more flowing. Hope you enjoy the first painting post that I have done. Don't forget your to do list for the day. Be sure and add time to paint that makes your heart soar. Pat

Painting 5 x7 on canvas

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

To Do Today

First thing in the mornings when having my coffee I plan my to do list for the day. You always have to plan in God, family, friends and duties. Your real hearts desire as a painter is to think of what will I do in the studio today. Planning the set up for a new painting is always so exciting. More important is learning and developing yourself. You should always take time to explore new things try new styles or new paint colors. Learning to rule in or rule out things in your life is an important goal. Today I plan to rule in a new small painting. Pat

Thursday, October 25, 2007

First daily painter

A short introduction about myself since this is my first blog. Twenty one years as an executive for a large national company. Several years after leaving the company made the decision to start painting. It is now a daily passion. Many times I find that the structure of corporate life makes it easier for me to dedicate time to paint each day. Having a daily to do list enables me to find time to study art or paint each day. Many times I find that the creation for the day does not meet the intentions that was started in the morning but at the end of each day I sit back and say what did I learn today? Each day is a growing and learning experience and that is a wonderful goal in your life that keeps the mind sharp and the easel friendly. Hope your find your easel friendly today. Pat Meyer