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Friday, November 30, 2007

Let The Celebration Begin

We are entering into the most glorious time of the year.  CHRISTMAS  We will be celebrating the birth of our Christ.  Let the Celebration Begin reminds us that we will be having the ultimate Birthday Party.  Three little party umbrellas  are symbols of the 3 wise men that came to celebrate the birth.  How do you prepare for Christmas?  As we hurry through the season buying gifts, going to parties and having family and friends over do we remember the celebration of our Lord's Birth?  When you end your day and sit and reflect of the joys of this holiday season spend time with our Lord in prayer giving thanks for this time of celebration.  My prayer for you is the peace and joy of the season and may you find your easel friendly.  Pat

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No Place Like Home

Remember those words there is no place like home.  We feel safe there,  loved there and always wanted.  This sunny little house was painted in Old Town Spring, TX.  It was run down and seemed to tell a story of life and the people that must have lived there over the years.  Can you image how this house was filled with hope, dreams and love.    Where do you make your home?  In a house, in your heart or with the people that you love and love you.  May you always have a house that is a home and in it an easel that is always friendly.  Pat

Monday, November 19, 2007

Original Oil Painting Thanksgiving Squash


Thanksgiving is upon us and many will be giving thanks for all they have. We think of the original Pilgrims and Indians as they had their first feast together as families. Our families will be gathering to reunite and share time together. Remember what family brings to each of our tables which are unconditional love and understanding. These two little squash remind us of our family and love for each other. May your days be flowing with happiness during this holiday and may you find your easel friendly. Pat

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

3 Tyler Roses


On a recent visit to Tyler, Texas these roses where picked. It is the fall of the year and these are the last of the roses this year. These roses represent another passing year of hope, joy and happiness. Soon the year will end and winter will come. We will await the flowers of next Spring with anticipation of life anew. Take time to think of all the wonderful experiences that you have had this year and look forward to life always being renewed just as the flowers are brought back to us each spring. May your easel be friendly. Pat

Friday, November 9, 2007

Oil Painting Scents

Did you ever find yourself in a place that the scents made you have a certain feeling.  Oranges bring a feeling of making things feel fresh and clean.  The Lime and Lemon  to add a little tart to your senses.  While flowers and lavender allow you to feel maybe a little romantic.  When painting this painting and smelling all the scents that where there it brought back memories and places that I had been.  I hope today that you have a fleeting moment of great memories by stopping and enjoying the scents around you.  May your easel be friendly.  Pat

Monday, November 5, 2007

Oil Painting Pumpkins and Lavender


While in the workshop Fredericksburg Texas I found the best smelling Lavender along side the road, which inspired me to want to add it to my painting. Guess this is like stopping to smell the roses but it was Lavender instead. The smell took me back to days of my Grand mother and how she always kept Lavender in her dressers. It is so funny that smells can take you back over 50 years in just a second. Put on your To Do List Today to stop and smell the roses/lavender or what ever gives your mind a small trip back to a happy place. May your easel be friendly. Pat

Friday, November 2, 2007

Oil Painting Crepe Myrtles in Happiness

The most beautiful blooms where on the Crepe Myrtles to finish out the summer.  It seemed only natural that I should put on my To Do List to paint the last of the summer blooms before they go.  This painting will help remind me all winter of the beauty of those trees when they bloom and will spread their happiness all winter.  This is a happy painting that you should look at especially in January when you are longing for warm weather and spring flowers.  Don't forget to  put on your To Do List today to think of something that makes you happy.  Hope your easel is friendly to you today.  Pat