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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Last Summer Flowers

This is the last of the summer blooms. The beautiful colors of summer are now fading away to the glorious warm tones of fall. May you enjoy our last few flowers of summer color and may you find your easel friendly.

11 x 14 original oil on linen panel
$200 plus free shipping
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Pay Pal Accepted ( Major credit cards)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Put On Your Bonnet

This young lady had a delightful hat and look that needed to be painted. I tried a new style in painting her. Loose, free, colorful and juicy paint. The abstract look of her bonnet and use of bright colors gives a total new look to the portrait. May you put on your bonnet (thinking hat) and try something new today and may you find your easel friendly.

9 x 12 original oil on canvas
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Everyone around today talk's about going green. There are so many things that are green but who could resist this adorable vase. I used a little play on color zones but I think that it works. What do you think? May you continue to think green to make a change for our planet and may you find your easel friendly.

9 x 12 original oil on linen panel
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$250 plus free shipping

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009



This painting is shown in the Oct. issue of AMERICAN ART COLLECTOR MAGAZINE. It is already sold but another painting in a similar style can be painted. This is also a painting that is a featured painting for the Texas Daily painters ad. This is a large painting with warm tones and can give you a step into the Tuscan landscape.

It is an exciting time for me to be selected for the Ad in a National Magazine and be one of the featured artist at the Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas, Texas. The reception is Oct. 17th and the art will hang in the gallery until Nov. 30th. May you enjoy your life and may you find your easel friendly.

24 x 36 original oil on linen canvas
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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This little creek bed has it's own special charm. The glow of the grasses in the middle just captured my eye. The day was so glorious with the birds singing and the warm smells of the earth. My heart jumps for joy when I get to not only experience a beautiful day outside but one in which I get to paint its beauty. May you have time to take a walk to experience the day and may you find your easel friendly.

9 x 12 original oil painted on location
$150 plus shipping

contact artist to purchase
Pay Pal accepted (major credit cards)