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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mental Break In Italy

If you haven't noticed the world is going crazy. The stock market is like a roller coaster, houses being foreclosed, and families just stunned with each days events. Well I figured I would just take a mental break and dream of days in Italy. The white houses of Tuscany with red roofs, great weather, fine food and friendly people. Maybe you should take a mental break from the day and find peace for a few moments and may you find your easel friendly.

9 x 12 original oil on canvas


Leigh said...

Another lovely creation, Pat!
Like the sentiments, too.

Maria Gabriela Costa said...

muy buenos tus trabajos te felicito desde mar del plata Argentina.
Maria Gabriela Costa

Barbara Pask said...

Hi Pat, Really nice, great feel to it. It sure does help to paint and just focus on that and not the problems of the world.

Fongwei said...

beautiful color, I love it!