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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Studio Visit with Visual Language Magazine

Studio Visit Visual Language with Texas Artist Pat Meyer

It seems that most women dedicating their lives nurturing and taking care of others. While Husbands, Children and Loved ones are the most important part of my life their comes a time when you move from the back burner to the front and that is what happen with my art several years ago. After retiring as a Senior VP of a large corporation and serving on the Board of Directors it was my time to explore another part of myself with my true feelings and desires. My passion is creating beautiful things that others would also enjoy viewing. 

When viewing the world around me I see great beauty that God provides in every turn and for one moment in time I would like to translate what I see into an expression of my feelings toward their own beauty. This seems so difficult at times since how can you improve on the natural beauty that already exist in each flower, landscape or person. This is the great challenge and enjoyment of art for me delighting in the learning experience each time I pick up my brush. !

Many days and nights are spent evaluating and learning how to express myself through art. The pure joy of being so lost in the painting that you are creating you do not even realize what time it is. That complete emersion of the subject is so thrilling that you want your excitement about the subject to come through on the canvas!

The simple beauty of flower can make you stop and take pause for just that instant knowing that enjoyment is all around if we take time to look for it. Now to continue that instant and hold on to it on the canvas for a lifetime what better gift can you give. 

During this journey of art I have met the most amazing artist and now friends that have helped mentor me. Judy Crowe gave of herself in my learning experience along with Qiang Haung, Robert Johnson, Scott Burdick, Daniel Keys and John Budicin. These great artist and their love of art have greatly influenced my personal style of painting. My goals from here are to continue to
grow with each brush stroke, to achieve an even higher level of expression and add even more professionalism by studying and painting daily. 

My hope for you is as you look deep into the heart of each of my paintings that you will discover they are not just beautiful pieces of art but that each piece conveys it’s own special message of hope, love and endurance. Carrying a message from God of peace, joy and beauty that he has blessed our lives!

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