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Friday, January 15, 2010



Many times in life we find that something special inspires us to do something totally different than we usually do.
My dear friend Liz painted a delightful lady that just looks like she is ready for a night out on the town. This inspired me to add her post card of the painting into my painting. Wouldn't you say that was a true inspiration? May you be inspired by people in your life and may you find your easel friendly.

11 x 14 original oil on linen panel
$200 plus free shipping
contact artist direct to purchase

Texas USA
Labels, oil, impressionistic, original, figurative, still life, floral

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Anonymous said...

YOU inspire me. Always have.

becky joy said...

Very nice Pat. A nice inspiration.

Leigh said...

Such a unique creation! Well done, Pat!

liz hill said...

geez, glad I inspire someone..liz hill it's nice