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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jerusalem Flower


If you are like me I had never heard of the Jerusalem flower but the lady at Kroger's sold me these beautiful white flowers. They where so spiky at the end of each section of flowers with a yellow green bud at the top of each flower. No smell to them but beauty. Today's mission will be to research how they got their name. May you look at all the wonders in this world around you and may you find your easel friendly.

12 x 16 original oil on linen panel
$250 plus free shipping
contact artist direct
Pat Meyer

Texas, USA
Labels, Oil Original Floral Still Life Meyer Impressionism Flower
Pay Pal Accepted (major credit cards)


Anonymous said...

Was this the Jerusalem flower you painted?

Scabiosa prolifera

Leigh said...

Pat, you're a master at creating any flowers, but I most enjoy your roses! My favorite flowers are roses & carnations.

Anonymous said...

What ever flower is your favorite is the one I would enjoy. Somehow I think you always know what is my favorite for the season and for the reason. What ever your choice, it is correct. Thanks for always sharing your passion with me.