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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Will I Ever Get It


Do you ever go through life and think "Will I Ever Get It"? As an artist that happens on a daily basis. The thing that is so wonderful about art is that each day is a new learning experience. Hopefully you grow with each painting and develop your talent or skill which ever you want to call it. It is a constant struggle. I admire those people that it comes so natural to but for me it is always studying and practicing, which both I love. But when you think you "Got It" some new challenge comes along. May you develop your talent and may you find your easel Friendly.

12 x 16 original oil on linen panel
$200 plus free shipping
Contact artist to purchase

Pay Pal Accepted (Major Credit Cards)


Anonymous said...

I think YOu got it !! great job...

Anonymous said...

Of course 'you got it' create the most beautiful flowers!
Even the lady at the frame shop admired your craft, when I was having one of your works framed. I am pleased to have your creations brighten & grace my home;
indeed Pat, you're a very talented Lady!