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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rose from a friend


This beautiful pink rose was given to me by a friend. Receiving this rose brought warmth and joy to my heart. When pairing it with my antique creamer that is adorned with roses it just gave it such life. Isn't it just a blessing in life to have dear friends that bring you flowers to paint. May your friends bring you flowers and may you find your easel friendly.

12x9 original oil on linen This painting will be placed on ebay starting bid $100 or contact artist direct. Ebay site original oil painting Friends Rose #170228623469


Leigh said...

WOW!! Absolutely perfect! In my opinion.....the very best of your work, so far....SUPERB!!! I really do love this one!!! You've surpassed yourself!


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful painting. great job.... DR