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Monday, June 2, 2008

Gather Lemons


Blue and Yellow make a bright and cheery combination for a painting. This painting is bringing cheer to a new home. We in life always say that if you have something that doesn't work right it is a lemon. How can such a bright and happy color fruit get such a reputation. It is because when we cut it open and it is so tart it puckers our lips and leaves a sour taste. I am here to claim the beauty of the lemon and say that when joining with great friends and we gather lemons together we can become beautiful and sweet. May you be the sweet lemon of life and may you find your easel friendly.


WCaro said...

Liking those blues!!

Anonymous said...

this painting is beauriful and its very cheerful in my the blues nd yellows.
my grandad used to say... get a lemon, squeeze it and make lemonade..
thanks again , Pat,,,

Leigh said...

I've heard an old saying, something to the effect of, 'when life gives you lemons, try to find someone that life has given vodka'! ~Smile! Great work on the blue vase, appears three dimensional!

Katie May said...

I love love love your work...But I really love what you have to say in each post....They are wonderful! :-)

Janet Karam said...

Stopping by after receiving your kind words on my Dallas Skyline VI painting and enjoyed your paintings very much. This one is a favorite--- love the colors, composition and highlights. Best, Janet