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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Texas Wild Flower Seeds

Wow!  All the Texas wild flowers along the side of the road have just been beautiful.  Of course, I just had to pick some to paint.  As I was picking these beautiful flowers I thought I need to buy some of these seeds for my yard.  To be a true Texan you should try to grow some blue bonnets.  Hopefully you see all this in the painting.  Seeds to be planted, flowers that bloom and the gift of water to make them grow.  A little umbrella to give them shade and comfort.  All these things remind me of what the Lord does for us.  Are you planting your seeds to watch them grow?  May you be growing and may you find your easel friendly.  


Anonymous said...

I love the colors & your arrangement....Absolutely beautiful and breath-taking! Once again your talent for reproducing God's creations is a source of peace for me after a hectic day at work. Thank you for sharing your paintings...Cindy Shane

Leigh said...

One of your very best creations, so far, Pat! You have an amazing talent!

Barbara Pask said...

Just beautiful! I really love the way you paint flowers, I wish I could be looser like you. Barb

Susan Carlin said...

Pat, thank you for your kind comments and for asking me to come see your other paintings... I'm so glad I did! You know, I took a workshop from Judy Crowe, too, and got SO much from those three days. I struggle to stay loose, and lose the battle often, but I see you winning it, painting after painting. Applause!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed seeing your work here on your site too! I love the concept of this piece and your words about the way the Lord takes care of us.

There are so many good examples of His love and provision all around us. Nice painting, too!