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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Falls Coming


Yes, I know Fall is not coming right now but this painting is going to a new home and wanted to share it with you before it leaves my house. Each one of my paintings bring back special memories of time and place that I painted it. Last fall I fell in love with the little pale pumpkin and had to put it in a painting. I took this one to several shows and won blue ribbons with it. Then recently it went to an exhibit where someone else loved it as much as me. Say goodbye and hope that it brings joy into their live. May you find your easel friendly.


WCaro said...

Love that glass!

Leigh said...

Pat, I agree with the previous post, you did a wonderful job with all the glass, great balance of color, too!

Susan Carlin said...

This one just makes me happy. Of course, it's painted very, very well. And the combination of objects and the way you showcased some and downplayed others...beautiful!