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Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Little Black Vase

This was a friends little black pitcher used in this painting.  Aren't friends just the best.  They loan us things when we are in need.  I thought using the red flowers to represent the love for our friends and the pear as they are the fruit of our life.  Without good friends our life would be lonely.  We enjoy sharing our lives with great friends to laugh and cry with and in good times and bad.  I heard in a sermon once that you have many acquaintance and only about 10 great friends in life and you should hold on tight to those 10.  Don't forget to tell your friends that they are special in your life and may you find your easel friendly.  Pat


judith said...

Pat, Thank you for your lovely comment .
Your work is beautiful, I really love this one , the highlights and reflection on the vase are lovely.
Best Regards , Judith Anderson

Leigh said...

Lovely sentiments to accompany a beautiful work of seem to get better with each painting, Pat!