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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Cowboy Mike


Let me introduce Cowboy Mike. He was painted on location in Texas. He was a rugged soul that just came in from the farm to let us paint him. He knocked a little trail dust off the hat and sat back to relax for a while. I could only imagine what he thought of us wanting to paint his weathered face. You could tell that he had seen allot of farm life from his heavy Texas draw and causal relaxed manners. I loved painting him because his face told a story of life. May you find your easel friendly. Pat


Dugans said...

Wow you are so talented!

You don't know me.This blogging world can be strange that way, but it is very encouraging knowing that there are thousands of christians everywhere!

My family is preparing to go long term to Brazil this summer. We have been walking in this direction for about six years now! In Brazil we will be working with a local church plant,doing outreach, pastoring, bible studies, music ministries, and youth ministries. It is exciting to know that we will be there soon.

The reason I am writing is to ask for financial support. Crazy I know. However our personal contacts are limited due to the fact that Michael's parents are missionaries, already being supported by family and friends, and that we go to a Missions minded church that is at it's peak!

We have always known that we may have to "fish" in a different pond so to speak and the time has come!

If you are interested in anyway please let me know!To ease your mind that we are legit you can visit the our missions website at
or call them at 952 829 2527!

Thanks for your time,
And Bless you
Cari Dugan

Leigh said...

Pat, your portraits are as excellent as your still life really do amazing work.