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Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Deer Food


We live on acreage and have about 30 deer that come through the yard daily. We enjoy watching the Does and babies as they play in the back yard and they wait to see if I have placed any food in the feeders for them. This time of year the trees and bushes are full of all kinds of berries. Not only does it provide food for all our furry friends but looks like God has decorated our trees and bushes for Christmas. Could not resist putting these berries in a small painting. I placed one of our tree ornaments along with mother natures tree ornaments for this 6 x 8 painting. May you find your easel friendly. Pat


Leigh said...

Hello Pat!

Well, you've created another masterpiece! There's no doubt of your many talents!


Barbie Bud said...

This is a very nice painting. Love the composition and everything about it. Barb