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Monday, November 5, 2007

Oil Painting Pumpkins and Lavender


While in the workshop Fredericksburg Texas I found the best smelling Lavender along side the road, which inspired me to want to add it to my painting. Guess this is like stopping to smell the roses but it was Lavender instead. The smell took me back to days of my Grand mother and how she always kept Lavender in her dressers. It is so funny that smells can take you back over 50 years in just a second. Put on your To Do List Today to stop and smell the roses/lavender or what ever gives your mind a small trip back to a happy place. May your easel be friendly. Pat


Leigh said...

Another excellent work of art! I too, love the smell of lavender, & have several sachets of it in my dresser drawers.

You are a very talented Lady, Pat!


Ken Johnson said...

Once again, your prose has drawn me into your painting. Your literary genre has defined the purpose of your work and allowed me to connect with your art. Your artistic style is further defined, and refined, by your commentary. I look forward to your next painting so that I might follow the journey of your melodic theme beyond the surface of your canvas, deep into your work.